tisdag 31 mars 2009


måndag 30 mars 2009

More pinups!

lördag 28 mars 2009

Earth Hour

Dont forget it´s Earth Hour today, march 28th 20.30-21.30 - Swedish time.

Do the same, for just one hour, turn of your lights, light some candles :)

And I enjoyed the devil and angel pinup, so heres some more, wow inspired, first out is draenei and blood elf ones. Im wondering how to do a pinup of an undead female hms...

fredag 27 mars 2009

Order in Chaos

Ah not much happening lately in here, but alot have happened IRL.
Its Chaos.
Its Order.
It will work out.

Heres a request from a good friend of mine :)

and I decided an angel would fit good together with her as well.

fredag 20 mars 2009

Friday sketch

Not much...

onsdag 18 mars 2009

Wednesday doodles

Some pinups, see if i get time to finish them.

tisdag 17 mars 2009

not much doodles lately

They keeping me busy at work :(

And soon ill ding IRL, horrrible horrible, but unavoidable, sad but true.
I wish a cintiq for myself, been trying to save up, but its not much money i can stack away each month, barely nothing tbh.
So maybe next bday ill afford one, then it prolly already have come something new and fancy.

At least I get to be with my boyfriend, and its always nice to get to see your relatives and family bunched up together.

Hoping to be bale to draw something at work this week, but I fear alot of work at work!

Uff puff, soon bedtime for me, goodnite.

tisdag 10 mars 2009


just doodled around with a little banner for a guild for mine and a friends newly started guild, on Talnivarr EU server.
its temporarily, i will try to make a little better looking one x)

Got our forum here, but not much right now, we add more as we get more members and need more info etc.

måndag 9 mars 2009

torsdag 5 mars 2009

work in progress

A work in progress, hopefully i be able to finish it tomorrows, poor kitty wants food so cant stay at work and draaawwww :(
i need a cintiq at home grr!

onsdag 4 mars 2009

sleepy wednesday

ill update this post durign the day i think, needed to get up a sketch to be able to post on forums since photobucket was down, grr x)

tisdag 3 mars 2009

rainy tuesday

måndag 2 mars 2009

Morning doodles