torsdag 26 maj 2011

blaha bloho

understa bilden är så som jag vill att den ska se ut, fast bä lämnar den ofärdig for now, blöööh....kan inte göra magiska tjoffmojjänger...cp...

söndag 22 maj 2011

nose studies

so i was looking around some art forums and found this list of noses someone thought would be good to practice if you wanted to practice a variety of i did... and failed D: but it was fun lol...

next ima gonna dig up a loads of photos of friends and draw their noses, hah!

onsdag 11 maj 2011


fredag 6 maj 2011


onsdag 4 maj 2011

old and new

some new sketches and pictures, and some old stuff i totally had forgot about and now theyre...looking awfully ugly but oh well... uploading them seems better then letting them dust in my harddrive...