onsdag 28 april 2010

new design?

well, trying a new design for the blog, but craptastic as i am i forgot to save my links :(
gawd, now i have to dig the net for them again, grr...

so, does it look ok? or should i just stick with the old simple look hmm?

and ah, im gonna fix the header, its just a placeholder for now...

måndag 26 april 2010

i lost my motivation

if you find it tell it i want it back :/

fredag 23 april 2010


söndag 18 april 2010



lördag 17 april 2010


in the worst kind of period again, where i just feel crap abut myself and my work, yay!
seems to be feeling this way all to much lately...blablableh

fredag 16 april 2010

da funk

daft punk is good yes

onsdag 14 april 2010


i really wonder sometimes if i improve even the slightest :S

måndag 12 april 2010



fredag 9 april 2010


yay its so sunny and great weather today!

torsdag 8 april 2010


oh the ugliness...must practice..moar...:(

onsdag 7 april 2010


tisdag 6 april 2010

New adress...again x)

So, i got a new adress for this, but i guess ill eventually, someday in the future make a decent webpage for the aurl, but for now, you can get to the blog either with ebba.edenstrom.se or the old blogurl ebbas-sketchblog.blogspot.com :)

heres some daily random doodles...

söndag 4 april 2010

Bang Bang

So, was at gothcon this weekend and shared a table with metso in a try to sell some art, wich we managed to do, a few at least x)
and heres some doodles i did during gothcon :)

fredag 2 april 2010

collaborations and stuff

Collab with Metso again, me did new lines and colors for a sketch she had of this gorgeous character Rudna (who belongs to metso).
Also she colored an old sketch of mine so have a look at that too, its awesome, esp. if you like squids and tentacles x)
Dang, shes fun doing collabts with! I demand moar!