onsdag 26 augusti 2009

A bit of fanart...

Friends hunter :)

måndag 24 augusti 2009

Something little more than just a doodle

So, sleepless yet again, I started doodling a bit, and this came out... its wonky and has lots of faults but Im happy with the result really.

fredag 21 augusti 2009

More tattoo´s

Did a tribal today and yesterday I continued on my brothers stars...
the tribal one was a pain in the ass.
(dont mind the crappy quality webcampic my bro took of the tattoo, it doesnt do it true justice tbh)

tisdag 18 augusti 2009

New tattoo

Finally I could tattoo someone, lil bro wanted some stars, but only did one now, gonna be 2 more on the arm, and some color as well later on, when I have money to order some colors x)

onsdag 12 augusti 2009

and another one...

no name for her yet tho...

tisdag 11 augusti 2009

another character

rough sketchy doodle thing, not done very well but i just wanted to get done with it, didnt really like the pose, so gonna see if i can redo her and not be so lazy wiht the lines next time...

anyways, this is irena magdalena, got a scrap on her on deviant - only thing that changed is that shes no spacecop anymore, shes a slightly mentally disturb mercenary, a bit of shizofrenia too... but she doesnt know it, so shh.

söndag 9 augusti 2009


uff, well...either you see what it is or not x)
wanted to try to draw something more with action, so we´ll see if i can continue with this...

onsdag 5 augusti 2009

No sleep for the wicked

bleh, woke up at 4am, really tried to go back to sleep but no luck, so got up, made some tea and started doodle.

managed to sketch up some new designs for some very old characters of mine, im pleased with them so far at least;

tisdag 4 augusti 2009


woke up very hungry, so sat down, started doodle while chewing on some sandwiches and sipping tea and talking with sweet elina.

well this is what came out, not the greatest fanciest, but its something...cellshading is kinda fun, and easy, should continue more with that i think...

reference from senshistock :)