torsdag 14 maj 2009

So, as few may know I nowadays a tattoo apprentice. Been for 2 months now I think, around that~ And heres the tattoo´s Ive done so far. First one I got to practice on the leg of my "teacher" or what you gonna call him x) I need to fix another photo of it, Ive filled in the flags and eyes of the skull by now.

Okay theyre in the wrong order now, but this is the third tatto I did, and its on my mom. Here I noticed I got a bit of trouble doing long lines :S Gonna need alot of practice! Its on the back of her shoulder.

The second one is on my little brother - his name on the back. Gonna fill in the letters with black today.

And forth we got a friend, Svante, some egyptian hieroglyphs (sp?) that means wellwishes for his sons. This was alot of fun to do, and took me a lot of time to do as well.

And then I got to design a tattoo for a girl who wanted a big one for her back, and she wanted a wolf with phoenixwings. So this is what I came up with, and she now has it on her back. Will fix a picture of it!

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Anonym sa...

looks like you're doing really well with your tattoo work and I hope its working out for you.. I know some parts can be hard, but if you practice enough it'll get better :)