fredag 16 oktober 2009

New tattos + drawing

So finally getting some more time for tattoing, been a while, and now I did 2 this week, was very much fun, both of them :)

The lizard one is obiously not finished yet, and its sort of a coverup too, the previous one under wasnt done very well, shaky and weak lines, wich I tried to fix best I could. We talked about maybe put some colors on it too, I think it would look good :)

The butterfly was difficult, I got to tattoo on a place I hadnt tattooed before, on the stomach part (well more like the side of the stomach) and uff, wasnt easy heh, so much skin to try stretch out, but fun :p

Aaand another new drawing, tried on some sort of scary/dramatic shading here, was bit of a challenge and lots of fun :)

2 kommentarer:

Me-tso sa...

woha! indeed scary, specielt med de där jätte röda och som sagt skuggninggen och hennes ansiktsuttryck ^^ good job!

oj fjärilen blev mycket större än jag trodde O.O! Rolig design på ödlan ska bli intressatn å se hur den blir när den e klar :)

ili sa...

Den där ödlan ser ju ut som en riktig tatuering nu ;) Fan vad nice.
Jag bli bara liiite sugen...